Heralding God's Glory

In the month of June, 2015, Rev. ‘Femi Adigun was at a crossroad as to what next to do with his life. He had a choice to pick up a secular job or to take up a pastorate job under the leadership of his spiritual father, Bishop Samuel 1 Olumakinde Alawode.

All arrangement had been concluded for him to take up a pastorate position under his spiritual father, he suddenly become burdened and overcome by an unusual level of restlessness in the spirit. He decided to take time-out to pray. After many hours of prayer on his knees, the Lord instructed him to lay aside every plan that he had.He was to start a new work.

God gave him “Isaiah 54” as the fundamental scripture for the ministry he was to start.

In the month of July, he separated himself in a 3-day fasting and prayer to be alone with God, in order to receive further clarifications and the marching order for the new work given to him.

On the third day, the Lord gave him the name of the commission from “Acts 7:44, ‘Tabernacle of Power International Gospel Centre’” and some other instructions upon which the ministry based her operations.

While these happened, his wife had taken out time to pray for her husband. And the spirit of God who is not the author of confusion told her exactly the same thing he had told the husband, giving her the same scripture, “Isaiah 54”.


Tabernacle of Power International Gospel Centre was officially inaugurated on the 12th of September, 2015.

God has since then been with them, moving them from one level of glory to another.